Property insurance

Property damage insurance will ensure the protection of buildings and structures, machinery and equipment, inventory and other insurable property against losses.

According to the client's wishes, it is possible to include insurance risks mentioned in the coverage of the insurance cover such as fire, natural disasters, water, theft / robbery, third-party abusive behavior, etc., or to draw up an insurance policy for all risks, which includes all sudden and unforeseen events insofar as they do not conflict with the specific insurance policy provisions.

Property insurance coverage, if necessary, may also include risk of equipment breakdown and electronic data protection.

Equipment breakdown risk insurance is intended for mechanical and electronic equipment - gear boxes, steam boilers, motors, water heaters, generators, voltage converters, power distribution panels, cables, transformers, pipes, turbines, motors, etc.

In addition to property insurance or equipment breach policies, there is the possibility of adding additional risk - the risk of business cessation to cover expected loss of earnings that an enterprise may experience as a result of a disaster (such as a fire) when the business is restricted or discontinued. Business interruption insurance covers:

  •     Fixed costs (wages, bank interest, etc.) that are constant irrespective of the company's operating intensity and are also to be covered if the company's main activity is temporarily suspended;
  •     Unsolicited profit - the amount of money the company would have received if the insured event had not occurred;
  •     Repair, recovery costs necessary to restore the company's operations at an early stage as soon as possible.


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