Person insurance

Health insurance provides reimbursement of expenses related to insured health care in the amount of covered insurance coverage. The health insurance cover includes the possibility to include patient contributions, outpatient and / or hospital care, outpatient and / or in-patient rehabilitation services, purchase of medicines, dental services (including dental hygiene), optician services, vaccinations, pregnancy care, etc. services according to the wishes of the client.

Such a product serves as an excellent bonus for legal entities as well as the possibility to use tax incentives.

Accident insurance will ensure that costs are covered in the event of a deterioration in the health of the insured, such as sudden and unexpected damage to the functions of the body, injury and death. At the client's request, insurance coverage may include the cost of medical services, aids, hospital days or daily allowances. Such a product serves as a great bonus for legal entities for individuals, and for individuals as a means of quicker health rehabilitation.

Travel insurance will cover unforeseen expenses incurred during the journey, such as covering the necessary medical expenses, injuries and expenses incurred in the event of accidents, travel insurance for cases when travel is canceled or relocated, luggage insurance against theft, delayed arrivals and damage, as well as civil liability insurance. 


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