Regulation for the examination of client's complaints

This procedure defines the "Colemont FKB Latvia" SIA, henceforth Broker, regulation for complaint submission, examination and reply to the Client, the regulation for the analysis and exchange of information about received complaints and claims for the arrangement of the register of received complaints and replies.

  1. Complaint – a written notice about dissatisfaction with a service provided by the Broker. A statement, in which a natural person's name, surname and address is not given and a legal entity's name and legal address is not given, is not considered a complaint within the meaning of this procedure.
  2. The Client has to turn to the Broker in written form, describing the basis of the complaint, the circumstances, adding copies of documents, which prove the basis and legitimacy of the complaint.

    The complaint has to be signed by the Client or Client's authorised representative, indicating the name, surname and position. The complaint has to contain a valid mailing address, phone number and e-mail address, to provide an effective means of communication with the Client in case of necessity.
  3. At the time of receiving the complaint, the Broker registers it accordingly in the Broker's incoming documents register.
  4. Complaints can be submitted in written form:
    - by mail: "Colemont FKB Latvia" SIA, Āraišu iela 34, Rīga, LV-1039;
    - by e-mail –
  5. The Broker examines the received complaints, checking the facts indicated and claims expressed therein, and provides a written reasoned reply to the Client no later than within one month of receiving the complaint.

    If the examination of the complaint requires more time, the Broker informs the Client about the approximate period of the examination.
  6. Examination of the complaint is carried out by and the reply is provided by the Broker's member of the board.

    The Broker's employee, whose actions have warranted the submission of the complaint, does not participate in the examination of the complaint, but by request of the examiner of the complaint provides an explanation about the facts and claims indicated in the complaint.

    If the complaint is submitted about the Broker's board member, who is authorised for complaint examination, actions, the Broker's board authorises another member of the board to examine this complaint, in order to prevent a conflict of interest in the examination of the complaint.
  7. The Broker, upon a Client's written request, provides information (written or electronic) about the process of examination of the complaint within 5 (five) weekdays.
  8. When the complaint has been examined and a decision has been made, the Broker sends a written reply to the Client via the provided mailing or e-mail address. The reply sent to the Client is registered in the Broker's outgoing document register.
  9. The Client, who has received a dismissive answer, an unsatisfactory answer or has not received an answer within the timeframe indicated by the Broker, has the right to turn to the Broker's supervisory authority.
  10. The submitted complaints and related documents are stored for 2 (two) years, unless specified otherwise by the normative acts.
  11. Broker's person responsible for the examination of complaints prepares a yearly report about the compliance of the complaint examination process with the procedure of complaint examination and the effectiveness of the complaint examination process, as well as includes information about complaint analysis and provides an evaluation of the causes of the complaints in the report.

    This document provides a general overview of how complaints are handled.
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