Civil Liability Insurance

Ensure payment of insurance indemnity for losses incurred by the insured person to a third person.

General and product liability will ensure coverage of costs when a legal entity has sustained losses to a third party or to the environment as a result of the use of its own business activities, the production of products or services provided and / or the ownership of the property under liability.

Professional liability insurance will ensure coverage of expenses when the insured person has caused damage to a third person as a result of his mistakes, negligence, breach of professional duties, display of false information.

Professional liability insurance is particularly useful for auditors, doctors, notaries, architects, insurance brokers, etc.

The liability of the employer will ensure coverage of expenses in cases where the employer / legal entity has caused material and / or intangible loss to its employees.

Personal responsibility will ensure that the damage caused to a person (including a family member or a pet) of a private person, which has been caused to a third person's body and / or property without any malicious intent, is covered.


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