About us

Colemont FKB Latvia was founded at 2000 as SIA “Finansu konsultanti un brokeri”. At 2006 company joined international insurance brokers company “Colemont Insurance Brokers”, which is based in USA named “AmWINS Group”. It is one of the most rapidly growing companies of its industry around the world, because it already operates in more than 19 world countries and purposefully plans to begin work also in other places around the world.

In the beginning of 2013, company bought back foreign investor capital shares and became one of leading insurance brokers with local investors capital, in the same time continuing close cooperation with Colemont Insurance Brokers or THB group in international scale.

In 2018 Colemont FKB Latvia was one of top brokers in Latvia.

SIA Colemont FKB Latvia turnover of insurance premiums exceeded 6.3 million euros. Company`s registered capital is 72 556 EUR and it has 23 experienced employees.

Colemont FKB is member of Latvian Insurance Brokers association and actively participates in its board of directors and commissions. Colemont FKB Latvia professional activity totally conform associations Ethical code which regulates brokers work.

Our mission

Our main mission is to be client`s attorney at actual risk management questions. Professionally lower risks and also transfer those to Insurer, achieving protection of resources by that, ensuring growth, development and success of company. (vai protecting capital by that)

Our vision                                                                                   

Financially reliable and stable company-partner with long-term vision and strategy at both, Latvian and International insurance industry, and also to be one of Latvian leading insurance brokers.

Our goal

Our goal is to be qualitative professionals in industry, with highest level of comprehension of clients needs. Colemont FKB Latvia goal is to achieve more, than our clients are expecting. Our motto is – “Sky is no more the limit”.





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